Welcome to Smart-Wiring

fig.1 Normal boxes

This is what you might have in your house. A 200 amp main panel, with a sub-panel for your Basement. You will notice the four large breakers in the lower left of the main panel, One of them feeds the sub-panel. But there only separated by a few inches. We will separate them by tens of feet. Also the panel will not be a standard electrical panel, As I can't mount my controls inside.

fig.2 DIN-Rail
fig.3 Automation / Smart-Wire Remote

We will solve this problem by using industrial control boxes which everything is mounted on DIN-Rails. This product is widely used in automation, as has a large eco-system around it. The controls are all certified by the UL and other regulatory bodies as well.

fig.4 NEC

This means that it conforms to the National Electrical Code or NEC/NFPA70,and you should have no problem with permitting rules. This box will be divided in to several section consisting of 115 Volts ac, LED Lighting 12 volts DC, Low Voltage for Sensors, embedded computer, and other goodies

Circuit Breaker types:

fig.5 GFCI Outlet fig.6 GFCI Breaker fig.7 ACFI Breaker