Welcome to Smarthab Powered Strikes Overview

Good Electric Strikes are not cheap. Yes, you can buy one for 30 - 50 dollars but in the end, you might not like it. Remember here is definitely: You Get What You Paid For It. So think twice before you drop your bucks on some cheap imported crap!

A Von Duprin is a heavy duty strike with a 24-volt  AC or DC coil.

The cool part about this strike that it has a dual switch monitoring option has two SPDT switches,

Now to warn you this is the big dog on the block at its over 400 dollars, but they have others for about 100 bucks as well with monitoring.

Their less expensive strikes you can find for 100 and 200 dollars. You can see the difference in construction between the two of them. I think I would spend the extra money on my outside doors.